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how it began

I began exploring my creative side in the mid 90's, having friends over for what I call Ya Ya Days! Fun with friends and playing with paints & colors, sharing friendship. The more I painted, the more I wanted to do something that was FUNctional and wouldn't just hang on a wall, 

I don't draw and my designs are born from an inner place that loves to play. My studio time is therapeutic and relaxing. I had never really thought that my painting on glass would become a business yet I am truly thankful and blessed that it has.

Each piece of Pixieglas is unique and one-of-a-kind. While designs can be replicated they are always unique unto themselves. Working whenever I can with recycled materials makes me feel even better about my art. I have what I call my Glas Warriors, friends who look for and bring me unique pieces of glass. A special thank you to them ;)

My designs are always evolving and something new pops up when I least expect it. I love teaching others how to tap into their Creative Spirit and explore the World of Color.



-Paula Deen

-Dorothy Pitman-Hughes

-Gloria Steinman

Guess who has a     Pixeglas original?

With pixieglas

I have to say that it is very Cool knowing that Paula Deen, Dorothy Pitman-Hughes and Gloria Steinem all have Pixieglas™ stemware to enjoy. Photo above is the set of champagne flutes that I hope Ms. Steinem enjoys on a regular basis!

I have a goal for Pixieglas™ and that is to share my work with as many celebrities as I can, just knowing that someday Bobby Flay could be enjoying a mimosa or glass of their favorite wine out of Pixieglas™ is exciting.

So here I go.... finding celebrities to share my Joy of Creativity with!

Pixieglas™ was born in 2000, after attending a workshop called "The Painting Experience" where it's all about the process and not the product, I came home eager to continue the "Process". With no drawing background, I soon became frustrated painting on paper and I wanted something that was usable as I knew none of my "paper art" would make it onto my walls.

I've always had a fascination with all things glass (stained, fused, mirrors etc.) so I headed to the art store and picked up a couple of pots of glass paint. I still have the first sets of wine glasses I painted way back then and they are still in use today.

From there the rest as they say is "Herstory". Pixieglas™ and the designs that followed are now enjoyed by hundreds. My goal for Pixieglas is to have my work enjoyed around the globe by people of all walks of life.

Pixieglas™ will ship your Unique Gifts anywhere in the world! Pixieglas now has customers across the Atlantic, Spain, England, China and Hungary. These customers join an ever growing fan base already established in the States. Seattle, WA & San Francisco, CA. On the upper East Coast, Syracuse, Manhassat & New York, NY. Moving South there's Atlanta, GA., Hobe Sound, Stuart, Miami, FL and more. To all my local fans from Jacksonville, Florida & surrounding areas who follow me from show to show, your support is appreciated!

Pixieglas™ is painted with LEAD FREE paints using a vareity of creative designs. In addition to the use of standard paint brushes, Pixieglas™ also uses plant life, other organic and inorganic materials and most popular of all, discarded cat whiskers (Cats lose their whiskers like we lose eyelashes) to create unique and contemporary works of FUNctional Art.


and more!

We've shipped to...

-new york

Painting on Glass is very similar to painting on pottery – The main difference is there is no glaze that needs to be added. Let your creation dry, then follow directions on bottle, either air dry for 14 day or place in a standard oven on a cookie sheet and bake @ 300 degrees for 30 minutes. While these options do fuse the paint to the glass and make them top rack dishwasher safe. I recommend hand washing.

Martha Stewart has some really nice colors & one even has glitter, Folk Art paints are more opaque and won't drip easily. Pebeo brand are a higher price point yet have both translucent and opaque colors. Diluting them is fun too, adding a "melted candle" effect to your pieces.

When painting Stemware, remember to leave a "Lip Ring" about a 1/2" from the top as paints are not typically "food safe"

Check out my video below and call me to schedule YOUR Glas Clas today!

how to paint

Ever wodnered

on glass yourself?

Grab some glass paints from your neighborhood arts & craft store (make sure they are specifically for glass and/or ceramics) a brush or two and create something colorful and special on your own.

1. Attend a Pixieglas™ – Glas Clas™

If you live in the Greater Jacksonville Florida area you can attend a private or group Glas Clas. Call to schedule yours today. Classes are $40 pp for 2 hours & include all paints & brushes, and wine glasses or vases to paint. You’re also welcome to bring glass pieces of your own.

2. give the gift of creativity

Gift Certificates for GlasClas's™ are always available. Contact me and I can email certificate to you.

3. explore on your own

tips & tricks

How to order...

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Pick a design

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Step 3:

Ordering Pixieglas™

Here's how YOU can order your own custom pieces of Pixieglas™ for yourself or as a gift!
Pick a design, choose your colors, then fill out the form here with your choices. It's that EASY! All designs can be reproduced on Stemware, Vases, Votives, Nightlights, Mirrors and more.



starting at $17.50/piece

Wine glasses
Champagne Flutes
Cocktail glasses


starting at $25/piece


starting at $25/piece

Votives, Mirrors, large Vases & other items vary based on size and quantities.

If you provide the glass for your order, pricing will be reduced.

Water glasses
Stemless wine glasses

Download this PDF to see all designs.


place order here

Thank you!

I will be in contact with you soon to discuss final details of your piece of art.


The colors she uses, styles and strokes are truly one of a kind. I have bought several gifts from her and asked for certain colors for the gifts and she has never failed me. When you are looking for a special gift that is unique, Pixieglas is it!! And taking a class from Pixie is so much FUN! I had a one on one with her and she encourages you to not over think and just have fun with it, which I did. Have to say, my husband loves my wine glasses and uses them all the time!! Pixie is the best!! When’s the next class? I’m ready!!” 

absolutely breathtaking."

"Pixie's artwork on glass is

Charley Tyler-Trubey

Trust me, I am not an artist. I loved the class. More importantly, I loved the chance to simply be creative and have fun. I painted two glasses while slightly embarrassed and afraid of the outcome. I love them so much they are placed next to my wedding pieces with my fine china. 

Thanks Pixie for helping me to step out of my comfort zone.

new endeavor for me."

"Painting glas was a 

Barbara  Tolliver-Haskins,

I have been back quite a few times as it truly makes me feel calm and peaceful just being in a creative mindset! Took my husband and we had a great night of fun, as well!!

Glas Clas is a blast!! Thanks, Pixie!!: ) xo 

we both just loved it!"

"I took a client with me for a fun day of " outside the box" activities & 

Camille Clement-Gregg

It was very relaxing and fun. Each time I look at my results I remember fondly of the class, my classmates and my instructor. Thanks, Pixie.  That was a great class we had.

 we had lots of laughs, too"

Pixie was very supportive in our endeavors and

Patsy Underwood

kind words